Dr. Butch Rosser Takes Medical Advice to the People With House Calls with Dr. Butch on iHeart Radio

housecalls_logo_rev_0_1462541204Fueled by the great reviews and popularity of his segment with Monsters in the Morning on Real Radio 104.1 with Russ Rollins, iHeart Media has now launched House Calls with Dr. Butch. Dr. Rosser internationally renowned specialist in heartburn brings back the days when your doctor used to ask you how you were feeling and actually listened to the answer? House Calls with Dr. Butch is going to bring some of that back. Along with Russ Rollins keeping it real, and Physician Assistant Robyn Gardner contributing a feminine touch, the House Calls team educates you about medical illnesses, what is trending in medical news and interviews medical specialists.
 The team also entertain your email questions and call ins. Join Dr. Butch and the crew  each Saturday at 10 am and all of us will embark on a journey to be in the best health we can be. Don’t forget to tune in to Real radio 104.1 on Saturdays 10-11am and again on Sunday 7-8 am eastern time and listen to House Calls with Dr. Butch.