Rosser’s Rules For Patients Using Information From the Internet at their Doctor Office Visits

1.Understand the source of your information
It is broad, unfiltered and has no contextual bridging to your condition. It takes a shotgun approach. If you understand this, it will help to shape the proper attitude with your doctor
2. Do not bring in printouts from the Internet unless it contains critical information about your condition that the doctor needs to have to help make a diagnosis. (Medical history/Meds)
3. Use the right approach with your doctor
Do not feel that the Internet prepared you to debate differential diagnoses with your doctor. “A little knowledge can take you the wrong way”.
Choose your words carefully with your doctor (Don’t say, You’re wrong if he says something that is not aligned with Web MD or Google)
Do not become professorial and quote the Internet.
4. Do not have your mind made up about your diagnosis before you get there
Once you are allowed to have your say, you have taken a big step.
5. If the plan does not make sense to you or you try it and you get no better, do not hesitate it may be time for a second opinion.