10 Tips When Medication Causes Heartburn

If your heartburn is caused by a medicine, here are the Rosser’s Rules” for finding relief:

  1. Don’t stop (meds) without talking to your doc.
  2. Remember “more is not better”. Make sure you are taking the right dose
  3. “When and how is important right now”. Be precise and consistent when you take your medicines.
  4. Keep your doctor “out of the dark”. Vitamins, minerals and over-the-counter products are meds too. Let your doctor or pharmacist know everything you are taking.
  5. “There is more than one way to take your meds. Another form can do less harm”.Change the delivery route for any drugs that cause you to have more heartburn.
  6. “Take your other meds but do not go immediately to bed”.
  7. “If your heartburn is worse at night take some ginger tea to reduce your fright”.
  8. “Antacids are cheap but costly”. They can interfere with other medications.
  9. “Prescription medications may take a short vacation” before they start to work.Some take days to take effect.
  10. “If your symptoms stay see your doctor right away”. You may have something serious or you may have the wrong diagnosis.

Remember, “the first step in getting your health right is to find out what’s wrong”

Until the next time, “You don’t know what you don’t know and what you don’t know can hurt you”  -Dr. Butch